Welcome to the Inner Essence Podcast

A show for spiritual seekers and soulful entrepreneurs who know they’re meant to play BIG in this life.

This is the place to discover WHO you are at your core so you can unlock your purpose, up level your life, and embody the bigness you know you’re meant for. This is the moment you get out of your own way to live and create as the most authentic version of you.

I’m Nicolette Ray Tuftin, a soul-aligned branding coach & authenticity mentor — and I’m basically sunshine in human form.

I’m here to teach you how to activate and align your life, leadership and purpose with the frequency of your highest self through all things woo, interviews with my tribe of experts, and a whole lot of joy.

This is where energetic alignment and practical strategy join forces to change your life. Get ready to unleash your inner essence into the world.

A podcast to light you up and give you a playful kick in the pants on your brand leadership journey.

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