Sunshine in human form, Wanderluster, Spirit junkie, & former yearbook nerd. I'm obsessed with helping soulful entrepreneurs be themselves and leverage their magic to build successful and stunning brands online. Grab your party hat, let's go.

I'm here to help you get fully aligned with WHY you're here on this planet. I know you've got a big vision inside of you, and it's my job to teach you how to align your brand mission, message, marketing, and visual presence with that dream.

Branding is all about showing people who you really are. When your brand is aligned with your energetic framework (hello chakra talk), your people can FEEL you. I want your brand to move the masses. I want you to love who you are online as much as you love what you do.

I’ve supported coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, yoga teachers, and small businesses in aligning their energy and essence with a kickass brand identity and clarity around their mission, marketing, and messaging. You want that too? Let’s chat.


I'm Nicolette Ray

I know what it's like to trying to win approval by being someone everyone else approved of. Sure, I've always been my own brand of weird – I sing when food arrives at the table, I have a mean repertoire of accents, and you'll find me dancing in the aisles of Costco. But... I spent a lot of years keeping myself small, when my spirit wanted me to be BIG (like champagne exploding after a World Series Win Big).

I spent a lot of my life running around in a hamster wheel of approval, ignoring what my soul was really craving.

Branding is an art form I've crafted over the last decade, but what I know to be true is this: If you build your brand by following in the footsteps of other influencers, or you try to look like someone you're not, your branding won't work.

I help soulful entrepreneurs get aligned with the truth of who they are, WHY they are here, and how they want to serve the world as the foundation of their aligned, authentic brand. I believe that your brand should be a spitting image of you – weirdness and all. Your ideal clients have to FEEL you through their screen. You have to feel free to be yourself, otherwise you'll keep hiding instead of serving. Are you ready to take you brand to the next level? Let's chat.

I've always been chasing freedom, but the most free I've ever felt was when I stopped trying to prove myself and make everyone like me, and I just got to be myself (weirdness and all).

I aligned my life & business with my truth.
That's when I realized the power of soul aligned branding.

a little woo-woo (okay, a lot woo)

definitely adorkable (yes, a-dork-able)


golden goddess vibes


rose tinted everything

wanderlust junkie
(did someone say travel?)


confetti energy (and confetti filled balloons)


giggle fest (laughter is my middle name)


dance party (I'll shake it everyday of the week)


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