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Nicolette Ray Tuftin

I'm a branding magician, sunshine in human form, and agency owner. For me, authenticity is everything. That includes your leadership, your life, and your brand. It all gets to be aligned and stunningly beautiful.

I'm here to help you get fully aligned with WHY you're here on this planet and how to powerful impact your people in the most aligned way possible. I know you've got a big vision inside of you, and it's my job to teach you how to align your brand mission, message, marketing, and visual presence with that vision.

Branding is all about showing people who you really are. When your brand is aligned with your energetic framework (hello chakras & deep inner embodiment), your people can FEEL you. I want your brand to move the masses. I want you to love who you are online as much as you love what you do.

I support spiritual visionaries in aligning their energy and essence with a high frequency brand identity and clarity around their mission, marketing, and messaging. You want that?  Let’s chat.

Hello there! My name is


I believe that life is meant to be lived at full volume, and that means embodying radical authenticity, especially in your brand.

It's my vision that we stop showing up how we've been told we "should" and start showing up in our highest alignment & living in our highest frequency.

When I aligned my brand & business with my truth and stopped hiding, I finally felt the freedom I'd always been seeking.

That's the power of building a personal brand that's rooted in your inner essence. You activate the authenticity codes within you and become free to use your voice, show up in your power, and embody your brand in life and in business.

My clients give themselves complete permission to be radically themselves while magnetizing the ones they're meant to serve with ease and authenticity.

You want to feel like yourself online, not an imposter or a carbon copy of everyone else. You’re ready to come out of hiding and be visible as an industry leader, a world changer, and an expert. The truth is, your essence is unique and you deserve to understand and leverage that inner essence to have a stand out brand and business. Aligning with your authentic brand presence is the first step to owning into your leadership in big way.

Why do people work with me?

I believe in showing the world the truth of who you are. So, here I am!

Nicolette Ray Tuftin

Get to know Nicolette


I'm the most Sagittarius sun person you'll ever meet. I'm hungry to learn, explore, and travel. I'm also a firecracker. I've got 5 planets in Sag! I'm a quirky weirdo and see the world through a perspective most people don't with my Aquarius moon. And my Cancer rising grounds me into loving life at home and making things beautiful all around me.


Manifesting Generator... aka, the multi-passionate one. I highly resonate with the entrepreneurs who want to do it all and I stand behind them completely. I think it's one of my branding super powers. I can't box people in. All of you belongs. 


I'm a type 7 with a massive 8 wing. I chase pleasure and fun while having the courage to go after it wholeheartedly.


I'm a Californian born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. But, I'm a travel junkie! I've lived in Italy, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, and most recently I'm living with my Canadian Husband (Hi, Chase!) in British Columbia. I feel most at home when I'm nomadic. I'm 19 countries and counting!


In college, I gave up on approval and stopped living the life the world told me to. I started studying Art History and the Italian language while simultaneously diving into my passions on the side. I took semesters off to travel the world, study yoga, and build my own business.

There were two things I loved most: graphic design (which I learned in my 6 years of yearbook) and being a yoga teacher. Upon graduating college I took a trip to Bali to figure out what was next... There, I combined my love of yoga philosophy and design to build the Inner Essence Studio to support spiritual entrepreneurs in knowing who they are and turning it into a beautiful and embodied brand.


Kundalini & Bhakti yoga, Italy and the Italian language, playing the harmonium, sitting on the floor, leadership, chakras, astrology, reading all the books, cooking as art, home decor, crystals (especially flourite & moonstone), flower essences, sushi all day every day, and travel. I live life as an adventure. The learning and creativity are never done.

"Nicolette is a branding magician and she has taken my dream and all the feelings of who I always wanted to be and create it into reality. Working with her has been like working with my soul! She pulls things out of me and creates my heart fully. There's no one I trust more with my branding."

Client Love:

– Brittany F

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