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Embody your essence
clarify your aesthetic
discover your depth

Build your brand from your innermost frequency.


what it's all about

A 4-week live taught course on embracing the essence of who you are to build your aligned brand

Clarify your brand vision and start playing big. To stand out and build a movement, you need a brand – not a business. Learn what it takes to transform your business into the go to brand in your industry.

Your brand should be a match for your energetic frequency. I'll guide you to find your inner essence and teach you how to leverage it in your brand strategy, identity, and aesthetic.

Clarify your brand identity without overthinking. I'll guide you through my signature Essence Meditation so you can intuitively experience the look and feel of your brand.


Over 4 weeks




Turn your essence into the pillars of your brand colors, fonts, photography, and aesthetic. I'll teach you how to take a vision and turn it into your brand visual guidelines to create the consistency you've been craving.

Ever wanted to run your work past a designer? In this Q&A you'll bring your brand visuals and newly created brand aesthetic and get live, personalized feedback on your creations so you're confident launching your new look.

It's not enough to make thing look pretty. In order to grow and scale your brand, you get to embody it in your life, your content, and your offerings. In this class, I'll teach you how to bring your brand to life through your own vessel and brand leadership.




You’re ready to create a brand – your own little universe where people can feel your power and unique frequency. This is how movements are made, after all.

You not only want to know what you want your brand to look like, but how to pull the frequency that only you hold into your brand, offerings, content, and more.

You're ready to no longer being another face on the internet trying to gain a following, enroll clients, and treating your business like a trial run... You're ready to show people you know who the fuck you are and you mean business.

You want to take what can feel impossible about brand design and turn it into an intuitively led process that pulls your brand out of you. You don't want to overthink it anymore.


This isn’t another course where you’ll feel like you’re in the same spot you were before.

This is the experience that will bring you into clarity and drop you right into action so you can bring your brand to life.


Nicolette Ray Tuftin

They call me the branding magician. I'm strategy meets energetics, sunshine in human form, and champagne bubbles. For me, authenticity is everything. That includes your leadership, your life, and your brand. It all gets to be aligned and stunningly beautiful.

I'm here to help you get fully aligned with WHY you're here on this planet and how to powerful impact your people in the most aligned way possible. I know you've got a big vision inside of you, and it's my job to teach you how to align your brand mission, message, marketing, and visual presence with that vision by uncovering your inner essence.

Branding is all about showing people who you really are. When your brand is aligned with your energetic framework (hello chakras & deep inner embodiment), your people can FEEL you. I want your brand to move the masses. I want you to love who you are online as much as you love what you do.

I support spiritual visionaries in aligning their energy and essence with a high frequency brand identity and clarity around their mission, marketing, and messaging. You want that?  I'll see you inside of Essence!

Meet Your Instructor


Turn your energetic signature into your brand aesthetic.

"Nicolette, you NAILED MY ESSENCE!!! My website and graphics are giving me life right now! They are so beautiful! I'm obsessed."

– Nicole C

"Whenever I hear Nicolette speak, it lights me up. It's as if the way she shows up, in so much authenticity, gives me permission to do the same!"

– Jan Marie C.

"Nicolette's visionary branding guided meditation is not only brilliant in clarifying one's vision, it's also a therapeutic and grounding tool to recenter and reconnect with one's own true essence. It was life changing and revealing to see what visuals came through during our guided process! I envy those who get to experience her guided branding visualization for the first time! You'll love it."

– Anastarr M.

"Nicolette is the best ever branding and authenticity coach. Smart, intelligent, feminine, aligned, thoughtful, and a powerful leader."

– Viktoriia B.

"Nicolette, you know me so deeply. You're the only one I'd trust in creating my brand. I have the biggest smile on my face. It's a true reflection of me."

– Brittany F.


Take your brand to the next level.

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frequently asked

Q: When will the classes be held?

A: We'll start with the new year on January 1st!
The class schedule will happen live on Zoom and all classes will be recorded if you can't make it live.

There will be 6 classes that happen over the course of 4 weeks. Class times will be scheduled once we begin to accommodate to the schedule of those who join.


frequently asked

Q: How  long are the classes?

A: Each class will be 60-90 minutes, depending on the content and the questions asked live.


frequently asked

Q: Will there be homework?

A: I believe in taking action, so yes! You'll have a few assignments that you'll be completing in between classes to build your brand. 


frequently asked

Q: What's the cost? Are there payment plans?

A: The course is $555 paid in full or split over 3 payments or 5 payments.
I want this to be accessible, but value packed.

The value of having your brand aesthetic and messaging  figured out is worth every cent.


frequently asked

Q: I already have a brand aesthetic.... will this course be good for me?

A: This course is about so much more than aesthetic. It's about understanding your essence to build a solid brand strategy and brand identity. You can refresh and update your aesthetic, create it from scratch, or check in if your aesthetic is actually in alignment with your essence.


frequently asked

Q: I am NOT a designer and I have a lot of trouble with making things look good. Will this help me?

A: Oh, yes! You do not have to be design inclined for this course to work for you. This will actually make design easier for you. You'll have a brand foundation to work from so you're no longer all over the map and inconsistent with your aesthetic.


frequently asked

Q: Will you be designing things for us?

A: Not exactly. I'll guide you through my process to building your brand aesthetic and helping you pull colors, fonts, and visuals that align with your essence. You'll piece the components together with my guidance and you'll have an opportunity to get personalized feedback from me and my team in the Q&A call in the final week of the program. 


frequently asked

Q: I'm worried about balancing this and the holidays... thoughts?

A: How would it feel to start the new year with an aligned aesthetic and clarity in who you are as a brand? Mighty fine! I'll be navigating the holidays too, so don't panic. I'll be scheduling the calls so you don't feel overwhelmed in balancing it all.