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Your brand is a reflection of your highest frequency.

Nicolette Ray Tuftin

We help our clients discover & align with their inner essence and turn it into and brand that looks and feels like their next level.

Building a brand is about creating magnetism between you and the ones you're ready to call in. Beauty itself is attractive – but , true magnetism comes from being the most authentic version of you. Aligned, both energetically and strategically. Here at the Inner Essence Brand Studio, we're all about crafting beautiful aesthetics and leaders that aren't some cookie cutter thing you'll see everywhere online. We work with our clients to uncover their most authentic expression and design brands that are deeply aligned with your spirit. We build brands that feel like home to both you and your soulmate clients.

Let's uncover your brand essence

Authenticity means being aligned with the truest parts of your inner essence and being courageous enough to express that truth in a big way.

they call me the brand magician

Hello! I'm Nicolette. Truly seeing people is my greatest gift. That, and being sunshine in human form! I'm not interested in surface level conversations or results. I go deep so your brand feels exactly like you.

When I design, I use my intuition to channel my client as I create. I use my 10+ years of skills to create as if I were in your head. 

A brand journey for spiritual entrepreneurs that uses your intuition & energy

Alignment is everything. Your chakras system and auric field hold all of the answers to your brand essence, strategy, and success.

Everything we do is backed with intention. We've found that having a beautiful brand is only one piece of the puzzle. You can have a stunning brand aesthetic that simply doesn't work... That's because alignment and authenticity matter so much more than having a cute logo.

To build your brand, we take you through the Aligned Brand Academy process – A journey through the chakra system to not only build a brand that captures your essence, but a full brand strategy to get you aligned and prosperous in your business. This is where spirit meets strategy to build a foundation you can exponentially grow upon.

This is about alignment

"Nicolette is a branding magician and she has taken my dream and all the feelings of who I always wanted to be and create it into reality. Working with her has been like working with my soul! She pulls things out of me and creates my heart fully. There's no one I trust more with my branding."

– Brittany F

"Nicolette is the best kept secret of the branding industry. She's the most talented person I know."

– Anya G

"You truly are a branding magician! I really got this thought lately – why didn't I start working with you sooner?! I am so loving our work together."

– Andreia V.

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A podcast to light you up and give you a playful kick in the pants on your brand leadership journey.

Nicolette Ray Tuftin

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