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You want to feel like yourself online, not an imposter or a carbon copy of everyone else. You’re ready to come out of hiding and be visible as an industry leader, a world changer, and an expert. The truth is, your brand of magic is unique and you deserve to understand and leverage your inner essence to have a stand out brand and business. Aligning with your authentic brand presence is the first step to owning into your leadership in BIG way.

I believe in showing the world the truth of who you are. That means less hiding behind your computer screen and more throwing yourself in people's faces like confetti.

I mentor soulful entrepreneurs to build aligned and authentic brands to uplevel their business and magnetize their soulmate clients. I help you discover your inner essence and turn it into a brand that looks and feels like you.


I'm Nicolette Ray

Let me guess... you've been hiding.
You're holding back when it comes to sharing your gifts because your brand doesn't capture your value or your truth. 
You avoid Instagram stories like the plague. You don't hand out your business cards (if you even have any). You cringe every time you send someone to your website that's still a work in progress. You fumble over your words when you tell people what it is you do. And you have no idea how to do this branding thing, let alone how to market yourself online.
You keep trying to figure it all out on your own, but you're ready to unleash your gifts on the world. You just wish you knew how.

It's time you had a brand that captures your inner essence & get's you seen and heard online.

You want a business and brand that are aligned with your inner essence. You want it to actually look and feel like you!
You want a brand that is magnetic to your ideal clients and helps you make sales.
You want to feel confident and kickass when showing up online. You're ready to feel confident and clear in your brand message. You're ready to craft offerings that sell with ease. You're ready to be the leader you were born to be.

Here's the truth: You're amazing (own it, girl!), but you have no idea how to translate your energy into a brand that people love.

It's time you aligned your brand with the magic you have to share with the world so you can make the impact and income to match.

Sister, it's time to come out of hiding
– your people need you.
Let's build you a soul aligned brand.



Ease and Grace


Authenticity means aligning your brand with your spirit.