It's time to come out of hiding and build a brand you're proud to share with the world.


Listen, I know you know it. You’ve been placed on this planet to light up the world with your message. Your intuition has been telling you for years that NOW is the time, and you just got the universal memo too (hello global pandemic).

Yet, you still hold back. You let self-doubt steal the show, self-sabotage sink your ship, and "confusion" around your brand and business strategy hold you back from playing BIG.

During "Build Your Aligned Brand" 3-Day Event, you'll bust through that silly story of “who am I to do this” keeps you living the small version of your massively impactful life.

When you step up into your most aligned version of you, you can finally access the innate power and intuition that will guide you forward into the masses as the go-to leader in your field.

You know it's time to show up and serve... but your brand (or lack thereof...) is keeping you stuck from sharing yourself powerfully with the world.

Let's build your brand... the right way.

Over our 3 days together, you'll learn how to build an aligned brand the authentic, soulful way.

This 3 day event is not another free challenge that will leave you wanting more. It's a full weekend of life-changing content for your brand and business.

I'm showing up for three full days of training that you'll only find in my best-selling mentorship program...
the aligned brand academy.

Over the 3 days, you’ll learn how to align with the truth of who you are to increase your magnetism & build your most magnetic brand.

You’ll wake up to your most aligned and authentic vision for the world and help bring that vision to life. Hello clarity, goodbye overthinking and hiding in plain sight.

Aligned branding is about focusing on not one, but two areas of brand mastery:

Energetic Magnetism:

Refine and master the mindset and energetic tools that clear the way for abundance to flow straight to you with ease and surrender.

Masterful Business and Brand Strategy:

the nitty gritty, down and dirty, how-to tools and systems that will get you seen, heard, and paid as an industry leader (without being a pushy salesy creep using outdated tactics that don’t align with your soul)


This ain’t your average seminar where you sit back and take notes in a boring zoom room. This is the deep, spiritual work that is required of you to embody your leadership, own your purpose in the world, and inspire the masses to get behind your brand.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m your joy filled kick in the pants mentor for all things branding, business, and soul aligned success. I’m sunshine in human form.

My vision is for a world where every last human on earth knows the depths of who they are so they can live as authentically and as BIG as they can possibly dream.

As a spiritual success coach and soul-aligned brand strategist it is my honor to wake people up to themselves so they can live and serve as radiantly authentic luminaries on this planet.

I support the big and bold at heart go even bigger in brand and business through energetic mastery of the chakra system & aligned systems and strategies for this thing we call online business.


Hello Luminary!

You're over taking courses online and getting nowhere. you want to take your vision out of your head and into the world... and you juts want someone to tell you exactly how to do it. is that too much to ask?!

You love mindset work and you want to do more than just meditate your way to millions. to build your brand, you get to work on your mind and your brand mastery. this event is as much strategy as it is motivation and mindset.

You want to walk away with confidence like you've never felt in your life. This event won't just inspire you... it will Recalibrate your nervous system FOR SUCCESS so you can attract more abundance & take your brand to the next level.

You want to clarify your core message, uplevel your brand, and walk away with a plan to rebrand your existing business or start turning your purpose into profit for the first time.

You don't just want to make your brand pretty. you want it to work for you.

You like to have fun. No event led by Me is a snooze. You like to laugh, connect, breathe, and get a bit woo. You're ready to dive into the world of energetics and the chakra system to build an aligned brand. 


This event is for you if...

“Nicolette Ray is a bright, uplifting force. I’ve rarely experienced a bigger cheerleader. She feels like a sunshine generator that radiates “fuck yeah!!” positivity for everyone all while standing in her power”

– Jessica Klieman

Build your brand foundation by discovering the why behind your brand so you can clarify the core mission, message, and purpose behind what you do. Unblock your root chakra and discovery why building a brand starts here, not with a logo.

DISCOVER YOUR brand message & clarify your why

Learn why branding is NOT just about having a pretty logo and colors. Discover the 8 pillars of branding that will set you apart from the crowd.


This is what you'll learn at the Lit Up Luminary Live Event...

Who am I to do this will no longer be a question. Unlock unmatched confidence and discover what you need to show off in your branding to let people know that you are the one to hire.

Distinguish yourself as an expert & authority

Your brand visuals are rooted in your inner essence. People have to be able to feel your energy when they see and experience your brand online. Discovery your brand essence in this training so you can capture it visually.

Capture your energy with your brand visuals

Learn how to write, speak, and create content that feels effortless and authentic. No more wondering what to write about or how to not sound salesy.

unlock your brand voice to create content that matters

Knowing exactly who you're meant to serve and how to feel into the heart of your ideal client is crucial to building a brand that people want to share with their friends. Clarify your niche so you can actually serve and sell!

clarify your niche & know your ideal client

Learn how to market yourself, your offers, and your free content to your ideal clients. Eliminate the mystery and tap into your intuition to discovery exactly how you should be showing up online.

increase your brand magnetism with Authentic marketing

Take all of the random pieces of your story and tie them together to tell the story of your brand so you can land with your ideal client and lead them to your transformative offer effortlessly.

tell your brand story

Let's get nitty gritty with brand visuals so you're not all over the place with your graphics. When you're consistent, you create trust! Learn how to narrow it down so you can land on your most aligned brand.


Create offerings that honor your multi-passionate self. Find out what goes into offerings that your ideal clients actually want to purchase.


Get ready to take your brand out into the world and scale your business beyond what you even considered possible. Learn the energetic tools that will have ideal clients banging down your door to work with you,


You'll get a chance to listen to the Q&A and hot seat coaching moments with direct, customized coaching from me. This is an interactive event, but you're welcome to show up in your pajamas and yoga pants.

Q&A & Laser Coaching is available, so attend live

I know you've got a life, even if it's a COVID-19 lifestyle. This is an all-day event. This ain't no freebie webinar where I leave you hanging. Each seminar will be recorded so you can catch the replay and you'll get access to the event as a virtual course for life,

YEs, Replay's are available. AND you get the recordings for life.

We meT in a virtual conference room (on Zoom) where we interacted and asked questions in real time. I'll be taking Q&A each day of the event and give opportunities for hot-seat coaching. Even though we are virtual, you'll be well taken care of in a community of soulful entrepreneurs who are stepping up to lead during these crazy times.


Event Details

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